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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

J2EE Class -1

Dear friends,

From today I would also like to focus on J2EE concepts.

What all you need to learn:

Besides your brain and a pencil, you also need Java, Tomcat 5, and a
computer.You do not need any Integrated Development Environment like Eclipse, etc. I strongly recommend you, not to use anything but a basic editor until you complete the J2EE tutorial.


* If you don’t already Java SE v1.5 or greater, you’ll need it.

* If you don’t already have Tomcat 5, go get it from:

* Select "Tomcat v5.5" in the Downloads menu on the left side of the home page.

* Scroll down to the "Binary Distributions" section and download the version of your
choice. If you do not know, then select the "Core" distribution; it is all you need.

* Save the installation file in a temporary directory.

* Install Tomcat.

--> For Windows, that means double-clicking the install.exe file and following the
installer wizard instructions.

--> For the others, unpack the install file into the place on your hard drive
where you want Tomcat to be.

* To make it easier to follow the book instructions, name the Tomcat home directory

* Set environment variables for JAVA_HOME and TOMCAT_HOME.

Test Tomcat by launching the tomcat/bin/startup script (which is for
Linux/Unix/OS X. Point your browser to:
http://localhost:8080/ and you’ll see the Tomcat welcome page.


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