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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tips To Manage Time

Hi friends,

From the past few weeks, I have seen some of my friends complaining that they don't have time. I felt that, they felt so because of their inability to manage time!
So today,I would like to share some tips to manage time efficiently and effectively.

* Write Down Your Tasks
Yes my friends, that indeed in necessary. Imagine the amount of time you save, by this method as you dont have to think each time as to what all have you missed. Not to mention what all you need to complete. It can be anything from small errands, homework assignments or paying a bill.But not doing it forces you to rush at the last minute.

* Organize Your List
Organize the list in which task is due.
For example,
Math homework: Due Tuesday,
Water Bill: Due the 20th,
Groceries: This Week.
This list sorted in the order of your priority will even give information as to which work is to be done immediately and which can wait.

* This method also helps you to finish jobs sooner if you select the time period of each task carefully. Select a time peroid for a task and complete it as soon as you can within the time. The sum of all the time you save is your success.

* Work On Tasks One At A Time
Dont do Multi-Tasking(Many works at the same time! You might end up confused!)
Doing so will reduce your stress too!

* We Are All Humans!
What ever it may be, we are all humans! So please take some break and continue your work with new Vigour!

Hope my points were useful to you! Your recommendations are welcome!
All the Best to folks who try to implement my points!


Mishu said...

I like ur last point but can we avoid multitasking in todays' stressful world.

However, very nice posting.

Chandrasekar said...

Dear Friend,

We do multitasking!
Right from Reading our morning paper while having a cup of coffee to pondering over things to be done at school / office as we drive..

We fail to recognize things! that's all! :)

Sorry for the late reply! Got hold up!