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Monday, July 6, 2009

Tips For Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Hello friends,
Taking a look at some seminars I had attended,I find them not so equipped in their PowerPoint Presentations(PPT for short), as they are.
So, emphasizing on this I would like to present some tips on Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations.

* The focus should be on the presenter and on the compelling story that he has to tell
PowerPoint is most effective at providing supplementary information, like simple, colorful graphs, but should never be the main source of information.
In short, It should not look af if a person can just read on from the screen. People hate it!

* Use More Diagrams
Usage of more diagrams, charts, models, graphs, etc help the person to get an in depth knowledge of the presentation.Remember friends, Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

* Make It Look Like A Story
The goal of any presentation is to sell the audience on an idea. It could be a new technology, a plan for reconstruction of the project to make it faster. For the audience to understand the presentation, it needs to be told as a story. Presentations must explain the people as to
•Where we are now
•Where we want to end up
•How are we going to get there

* Keep It As Short As Possible
A Presentation must not be more than 20 minutes.
If its more, then, I assure you my friends,even the most active person in the hall would feel drowsy!

Hope you find it useful! Kindly share your views/information regarding the topic.
I would appreciate it!

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