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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hi friends,

Today I would like to give some information about reducing FAT.

Fat is mainly due to presence of surplus amount of calories. It cause many health hazards .Moreover it makes people to lose their self confidence. Fat is not only because of eating habits and diets.

Fat can be due to a combination of

* gender
* age
* stress and
* genetic inheritance.

People with BMI(Body Mass Index) less than 34 have a high risk to fat. Fat leads to heart disease ,high cholesterol levels, raised blood pressure, insulin resistance syndrome and high blood sugar.

Food stuffs that can cause fat are mainly :

* carbohydrate
* fat and
* Protein

Stress is prone to both men and women. But it is risky to men especially. Men of any age can develop stress and leads to fat.

There are many products in our market, What I prefer would be "GO TO A GOOD DOCTOR!"

It's natural to take risks in one's life, but please don't take risks with your life!

So please better try to avoid fat and lead a happy life. REDUCE FAT AND BETTER BE SAFE.

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