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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Information and Tips On How To Study For Exams

  1. By the time someone reaches adulthood, they mostly only use the left side of their brain while studying, that's the mathematical side - where you think in black and white. Kids use the whole thing, and may be that is why they do better in their minor tests. Use both sides, its the only true reliable way. Use your imagination and think clearly. 

  2. Keep your study place neat and ordered. Have a folder for each subject and manage your studies well by creating a timetable for studying. Switch subjects when you feel bored.

  3. Relax well in between your studies and recollect what you have studied so far.

  4. Start studying as soon as you can after school. The minute you come in the door, slam your bag on the ground, run upstairs, take a shower (if you need it), and start studying straight after.

  5. Listen in class. Believe it or not, those who do well in any subject listen in class, even if they don't appear to be.

  6. Pick out the important words in bold and look them up on the net or get it from the textbook and write your own definition for them. Dear friends, this helps greatly to get an insight of the subject.

  7. For your homework, use the resources available to you like the text book and class notes. More or less rewrite it in your own words. Sounds kind of boring, but you'd be surprised by the amount of people who do badly just because they don't read the book.

  8. Take an interest in the subject, but don't be too focused on being interested.

  9.  Do not spent more than 1 hour studing without having a break because the mind gets tired and does not give attention to the subject.


  * Be positive in your thinking and action.
  * Be optimistic and persistent.
  * Work tough and expect the least, That will help you prepare even better.
  * Give your best effort.
  * Be organized.
  * Set realistic and achievable goals.

  * Last but not the least, Do not slack off my friends! Be strong; if you fall, always pick yourself up, it's never too late!

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