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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Help is not something which comes by force. It is something which comes voluntarily, something which comes from the bottom of the heart.

Help a person when you can, with whatever you can, and most importantly, make him feel better with your words.

Help, not necessarily needs to be monetary, A few affectionate words when needed would pay well to bring out the POSITIVE ATTITUDE in him.

Few words like "Don't worry, I am with you!" would add such a positive spirit in one's work.

Life is not a bed of roses my dear friends, and it might so happen that we too, might need help at some point of time, and when that time comes, we might be surprised to see the people coming forward to help us!

You might be as stubborn as a rock, but as you help you will also realize as to how soft you are deep inside.

Dear friends, Help As Much As You Can And Make Path To A Better Future!

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