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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Benefits Of Exercise.

Hi friends,
Considering the fact that many of the youngsters these days are more into work and studies, there is a lack in the physical exercises that they need. The cause might be the ignorance of the benefits that physical exercises provides.
Considering the above I would prefer to share some valuable information regarding the benefits of an exercise.

Regular exercises has its advantages. Significantly it reduces body weight and rescues us from many health issues. As age increases, the required calories decreases so we must reduce the food taken in. Health studies show that exercises increases muscle mass and decreases fat tissue.


* longer living
* reduces heart disease
* lowers high cholesterol
* lowers hypertension
* protects from certain cancers
* prevents osteoporosis
* relives from depression and anxiety
* weight reduction
* improves quality of life


* Aerobic workouts improve cardiovascular system.
* Weight-training improves muscular strength.
* Stretching exercises improve overall mobility.
* A brisk walk for 15 to 20 minutes a day reduces risk of heart attack,premature death.
* Aerobic exercise can improve bone strength.
* Walking Improves Health.
* Exercise For Weight Reduction
* On an average of 400 calories per day is burnt in physical activity.
* Weight-lifting.
* Resistance band workouts.
* Cycling.
* Climbing stairs.
* Pushups.
* Strength-Training Improves Metabolic Rate.

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